Produced by: Jason Gutierrez
Executive Producers: Jimmy Angel And The Jason Gutierrez 3, Dana McElwain, Dan Brennan

Jimmy Angel


The Jason Gutierrez 3

commemorating six decades of rock 'n roll


Jimmy Angel is a survivor of Rock ‘n Roll, the Mob, and the Feds—a David and Goliath story. James Oliver Tyler began his ascension to “Jimmy Angel Teen Idol” when four men dispatched by the Colombo crime family snatched him from Joe Cuoghi’s Record Shop in Memphis. Whisked away to New York City on a wing and a prayer, and with a promise of $500 per week, plus all expenses imaginable, Jimmy’s cinematic life story of music and intrigue has taken him on a journey around the world.

Now, finally beholden to no one, and for the first time in a recording career spanning six decades, Jimmy Angel wielded full control of his LOVE FEVER album. Featuring 14 all-new recordings, including some of his best-loved hits and 9 new songs, Jimmy is backed by his irreplaceable band, The Jason Gutierrez 3.